Friday, February 6, 2009

...Gives you Things to Say

So my prediction was true. Back in 2008, I made a prediction on how 2009 is going to be. Its going to suck. Bad bad year for me. And when 2009 comes whopping in and kicks 2008 out into history with the rest of his old friends, I knew my predictions were right. Ow man..

It seems that more and more people or rather friends are leaving. First it was Azhar, settling in Kuantan. Then others whom I wish I knew more about before leaving. These people are gonna leave me pondering how Its like being friends with them (but knowing them better is gonna make things worst!). All those reasons (including Azhar's case) is enough to give me these shaky feelings, and make me stutter on every word. THEN It was Syafiq's turn to leave my life.

Ohho man.. :/ thats sucks.

Great! Just when I was in a fragile state something bad just HAD to happen. great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great.

But yeah. mrsm is good for him. This is no time to be your selfish self haziq. Its mrsm kepala batas, a new school! this is a good oppurtunity for him, He's gonna do great. I keep telling myslef those words untill I reach somewhere no one knows and cry my eyes out. Say wut? Haziq? oh wait. The Great Haziq? Cry his eyeballs out? That cant be! errhh can it?

YES it can dim wit!! I'm a guy with feelings! I just dont show them much, eheh for egoness sake ;).

Hahaha you wouldn't want to see me cry people! You just might see'the why' babies cry at night bwahaha.

Ehem focus. haha.
So my bestfriend is leaving me for a looong looong time. Is that enough to make me commit suicide? NO! but is it enough to upset me? YES! . Cant imagine not seeing him everyday? yes. Cant imagine not haaving the only one who you tell stuff to? yes. Plans for the future with him spoiled? YES!

But i knew all this is going to happen somehow. Just not too soon.

Yes I tried to act 'all cool with it' in front of everybody but had I showed my feelings--> 'the others' would have their own stupid reaction toward me.( mek pls diam) sheeesshhh mcm la korang sorang blh bersedih. Hahaha. Things got worst when he (syafiq) acts all happy and excited about it but tells me he hates it. Which one dude? nvm x kesah hahaha.

Sometimes I got the urge to ask someone: which is more important? bestfriends for YEARS or girlfriends who clearly doesn't care? He would pick the latter. I know laa.

argh rase mau nangis mcm bdk2 beta dan alpha tuuh: huaaaa arh arh arh.

There it is. Hahaha yelah you can say what you want! laki gedik, sensetive lebih, emosialann ler. Gotta shut my mom up before she starts comparing me with syafiq again. Enjoy laughing at my stupid problems that not even a huge cup of coffee could cure.

I aim to please ;)



Men in Black said...

frens 4 ever, bro! =]

Dea said...

i understand what yr going through lah. i cried my ass off the other day, just bcs i was only starting to get really close to those ppl who i thought were evil but turned out to be really nice ones. and, yeah thats pretty sad. huh we're in the same shoes i guess

mek mok said...

mau tisu tk. haha, takpe aku paham perasaan kau tu ngek ;B

DearCoffeeDude said...

dea- Yeah :) I saw you cry the other day. Rase mau nangis jgak hahahaha

mek- haha yela tu ko