Saturday, May 16, 2009

...Floats Your Boat

tell me when the world ends.
I'm bored :P

tanye diri anda


...Gives You 100 Followers

org lain dh 1000++++
hahahaha :P

weh kalo follow tapi tak bace baik xyah la wei!
aku x perlukan begitu ramai stalker

ruang khas untuk ratu2 dari Neptune

Friday, May 1, 2009

...Burns Your Calories Away.

whooyyeahh. Put aside those problems and take a minute to stop. relax. notice the small things in life. enjoy it. with friends preferably. :)

hoyyeahhh man am I tired. Really TIRED. been busy involving myself with all those things I love. ACTIVITIES!. Unnecessarily busying yourself is fun! who knew!

Yeaaaahaa Woot I might be going to Singapore for a photoshoot project with a friend. I've never met her before. Damn I cant wait. :D I might also go to Sabah for a photography exhibition! lalala cant wait for the mid term school break!

I'm happy. I'm looking forward to life for once. I shall savor every moment of it. AKU-AKAN-ENJOY!.

god bless.