Sunday, February 8, 2009

...and the lowsy b'day

hmmm i'm 16.. its not as sweet as I thought it would be haaa! xP
The day starts, I'm dizzy, got A gazillion messages from friends wishing me a sweet sixteenth bday. That warms the hearts a lil. No coffee for me today.

Thanks org gilaass :) Thanks syafiq for not being here. but I know you'd die to be here and celebrate. Thanks old friends. Thanks nice strangers. And thank god for being nice to me on this special day gaahahahahahokk.

Time to see what crap I got from my parents this year :B


Amir Faisal said...

nearly forgot that today is your birthday
Long live Haziq!

Aqilah said...

Aww Happy Birthday dudeee! Hahah

Syafiq R said...

so what did u got?
cmon3 tell me


Dea said...

i didnt know that. haha, happy birthday! :D

dr. frhn said...

em..hepi beday
oo..enj0y ur hr2 tua

wanwan :) said...

happpy bday ! eventhough i don't know you . haha :) may Allah bless you :D