Thursday, September 17, 2009

...Makes You Tastefully Weird.

'good lord! you poor thing! I'm suprised you made it out alive!!'
that was the first I had in mind reading thru a friend's blog.

ehem ehem. Dear coffee-dude, aren't you going to write something silly in your silly blog and make silly words and silly statements? i do hope you keep up the sillyness. Did you know? small boys are gross-- but silly hee hee <333


No littlegirl34! I shall not! for this time a more serious tone needs to be instilled! sillyness would have to wait. a tortured soul needs to be saved. His broken spirit needs to be lift up highh. And everyone knows: nobody can do that better than a cup of coffeeee. But it is ramadhan! so coffee-dude will have to fill in. stay in school, be nice, eat your veggies and other shit i should tell little kids. taa taa.

ehem ehem. Dear coffee-dude, I found your blog to be pretty annoying. Its irrelevant. Its full of silly nonsense. AND there nothing about kanyewestvstaylorswift. Aren't you gonna write something about raye?? did you know? I want to grow up to be as tall as a tree so people wouldn't laugh at me like they do to you. har har choww.


What!! you kiss your mom with that mouth?! Well I'm hurt! I hope you're happy! kids these days! And no! raye is boring. EVVVVVEEEERYYYONEEEE KKNNOOWWWS! duh! fuck you! go to hell! eat veggies and go to SCHOOL! HAAAAAH!!! taa taa.

Dear coffe-dude, You rock man! YOU RULE! you're the BOSS!


Why yes. yes i do. thankssssss :'D too bad I dont know you!

nobody sends me e-mails anymore x(. I tell you, imaginary ones are much much better.

now, the real topic:

seriously, you shall forever be honored for enduring those torturous moments.
makes you realize how important friends are. :)

I might be the mean one. azhar might be the naive and oblivious one. and hafyz.. is

BUT! there aint gonna be nobody else who's willing to help you at any cost! ANY COST! (you know how we can be)

and you my friend. the funny and weird one. and also the one in need this time. There's nobody else thats going to enjoy both your greatness and weaknesses at the same time.

something needs to be done about your school. and I've got the perfect plan:


brilliant I know! so find some other source of education! coz the old one is going to be ==secret==

take care
god bless.

I'm not on drugs!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

...Gives you SEXINESSS

Phew.. been a while.. worry not! these fingers are not strangers to the keyboard !
ehem. whats up with the controversial title? No, this time its actually relevant.
A lot of people keep asking me. How did you come up with that name? (dearcoffeedude)
well, here's my excuse..

It happened in a dream..

'What makes a man or women sexy? to you that is?'

'huh? who me?'

'yes you! the short guy with a funny smell!'

'(funny smell?)'

'yes! funny smell! '

'umm you're not suppose to respond to that! (its in brackets see?) '

'whatever shortie! so what gives a man or a women the sexynesssssshhhh.'

'(is it raining?) Do you really HAVE to include the man? '

'yes! Nowadays you can never be too sure! '

'well I'm only interested in women okayhh? '


'Hey! i don't like that tone!'

'(closet fag) teehee.'


'don't respond to the brackets kid.'

'$%^&*... well uh. women with long hair are kinda sexy?'

'a guy with a long WHATTT?? '

'Whaa?! I dint say THAT! '

'keep it clean kid.'


'sooo is that all? you can do better than that! come on! fire up those hormones!! '

'what do you want from me!? '


'okay! chill man! '

'WHAT? you admit it now? you like men?? '

'NO! i didn't say thaaat! '

'what the hell do you like then!!?? '


'I asked what you like buddy, not what you hate. '


'did I just turn you on? '

'Are you IN-- '

'--telligent? why yes! But my question first! Answer it!! '

'FINE! Coffee is smexyy as hell!'

'seriously? eww.'

'you asked! '

'I'm outta here you creep. '


'no i'm not. I'm stuck here you see? '

'(Shi*!) I have a freaky guy stuck in my head. I need proper medication. '

'Hey! you're the freaky one 'coffee dude' ! '


'yeah. freak. so thats why you always walk around with that camera! been taking dirty pictures of coffee cups eh? I should report you! '

'you're stuck. '

'yeah thanks to you! I have a wife you know! '

'now its my fault!? you have a wife? '

'yeah! I like women. Unlike someone I happen to know.. '

'you're an idiot! '

this is what too much caffeine does to you kid. do your homework. I have a PH.d in makingupfactsforentertaiment-ology you know. '

'DIE!! '

'If I die, YOU DIE!! bring it babehh! '


I wake up strangling myself and with an Idea in mind.
the end?