Saturday, April 11, 2009

...Fixes the Tongue

My life (the most common way to start a blog ladies and gents haha x) ) has finally come to the part where choices must be made. Big important choices that is. The road of life has been clear of traffic jams (tragedies) road bullies (angry moments) and suicidal motorcyclist (complete nonsense that occur in one's life xD) so far. I decided to take the highway: I recently (not that recently actually xP) made a life changing choice: going to smt gombak to study civil engineering and to leave my beloved old school which is increasingly developing thanks to the new generous datin. (thank you Dat-in! you are so 'in'! ergh stupid hiphop joke :B i'm so kewl. ice kewl. ergh stop) .

Life has now taken me to a train station where more life-changing choices must be made. I'm currently facing a big big problem. Like a ticking time bomb, a choice must be made SOON. I recently questioned myself about my capability in my studies. I see no progress. I think I'm loosing interest.

As some of you might know, I'm not very bright. I'm not the kind of person who enjoys education, who even considers it to be my future. I always knew I was not meant to be the smart guy in class, the popular genius at school. And to be honest I'm quite okay with it :). I thank Allah for the lack of intelligence he gave me and filling the gaps with wondrous ideas and superb creativity I came to realize (and boasting to you guys about x) ) today. (uhh.. amin?)

So the choices i was babbling about earlier was:

1) to take the fast going Putra Line : to quit school and achieve my goals in life. To have the time to materialize my ideas. To expand my creativity. to bela rambut panjang! hohhohh >:B mm.. yes.. sexyness. *drool* drool*

2)to take the slow and steady KTM : to keep on studying.. for without knowledge and education, the dark future (and economically challenged future) becomes darker (like azhar xD). Keep schooling to see if I'm wasting my life or not. S-A-C-R-I-F-I-C-E x(

3)to take the easy-going Star Line : PRIVATE SCHOOL!?. Still got education for the future hoyeah. still got time for pretending to be artistic (weehoo yeah). still got sexy long hair woohoo. But no money. Money go poof poof. tooo baad. If only coffee beans worth as much as diamonds.. x(

4)to take the fast fast and fast Kl Monorail : 'Coffee' my problems away. what happens, happens. I keep on schooling. If I fail so what. who cares. I'd die being a janitor. I'd die alone.. coz little girls doesn't like little boys who cant afford to buy them Mat Cool :( . I'd have no time to do the things i wanted to do. I'd be too old. Its basically wasting my life and be okay with it.

My parents are okay with any choice i make. Thank god. But still, train stations are kinda confusing. Which route to take? All I know is my dreams are beyond academic achievements. I also know that no matter how dumb I think I am, If try extra hard than everyone else, I too can get great scores (great not excellent haha).

harghhh! I'll be sleeping under the ticket counter for the time being. My inferior mind cant think that much.

Taxi anyone? :D