Sunday, March 29, 2009

...Brings You Closer

Yeah we're still together. Just away from each other. But nothing is left damaged here hahaha. We don't need to be 'x berpecah' to keep being happy and close together. Our faces and names are permanently carved on each others hearts. So you people better go run off and think of better 'original' names for yourselves hookay? alright ;) (hok hak hek The 'Idiots'? maybe?)

hurmm. Yeagh actually. we're the 'idiots here'. hahaha none of us are that smart. none of us are the same. Heck, that'll be BORING!! In the case of intelligence, I'm the stupid one xD. He's the average and she's the excellent. Different is great. Different is good. Embrace 'The Difference'. You 'high-standard people' should really think more before saying anything. I believe your 'superior minds' are capable of that, no? ;) Boasting is bad. Boasting is not good. Do not embrace it. x)

hmm but again I could be wrong. (I'm the stupid one remember? x]) you people are different! One is an aged person who thinks she's smart but doesn't acts her age at all! hargh hargh funny. The other one is a self-obsessed narcissist! hmm poor poor guy. Another is a bloated Hippocrate that oozes lies and more lies. But at the end of the day you guys are actually the same. You people share the same icky personality and people are trying hard to pretend to like you. Dont worry, we're still trying our best! yessirr! xD

hahahaha aren't you 'high-standard' people should know better than us 'low-standard' people?
Know that no matter how high you stick your noses up in the air, the world is not yours to do as you please. There's still other people of higher standards. Better yet, there's God. :) So 'kids' i hope you sedar diri next time hahahh. Us 'low' people can teach you stuff too. ya know?

(Of course I dont use names! Are you nuts!? hahahah its called being attacked without knowing it. The greatest form of fun that can be achieved! xD)

god bless.

Tekan tekan :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

...weakens your will

I was betrayed, lied to, mentally and emotionally tortured, given all the crap of a traitor and the likes of it, unfairly chose over all because of one girl.
Dude, its unbearable. VERY unbearable.

Stop protecting yourself. Stop protecting yourself with lies you made up as you go on. Stop using crappy excuses and stop all the accusation. Stop feeling preyed on. Its all a lie. You lied to yourself.
Dude, open your eyes. I'm the victim.

You are a pain. You are a sick sick guy. You think you're great. But really, what's so great about a big traitor? I failed. but atleast I tried. You failed without trying. You failed because of the wrong choices you've made.
Dude, yeah this time, I AM mocking you.

I admit. I was rough. I was too harsh. I didn't understand. But now. Whats there to understand? its clear. I'm sorry, pls forgive me. I have feelings too.
Dude, you're tired of me yesterday, you give up today. Me? I'm tired of you a LONG time ago.. and I'm still trying.

Why? why do I still care? I have every reasons in the world to hate and forget. Why didn't I? Why am I still wasting time?
Dude, its because you're important.

Fine. you chose her. Its okay. I'll accept that. It hurts. But I am willing. Why am I the only one who deeply appreciate it? Am I the only one who values it.
Dude, you've sucessfuly become a monster. You killed it.

I remember. The time when everything was fine. Everthing was how it suppose to be. We were happy. We were sad. But we're still brothers. Yeah I remember the good times when it was not damaged like it is now. I remember.
Dude,.... do you?

Okay. It is done. you've made another choice. This is how it turned out. Don't worry buddy, in time you'll forget--If you didn't already. Me? its a permanent scar. I'll learn to live with it.
I'm not angry anymore. But I'm still sad. Goodbye to it.
Dude, congratulations, 1 down.... 2 more to go..

Dude, is this really the end?