Sunday, January 25, 2009

...Keeps it UP

do you hate losing? I do. are you a sore looser? I am.
turns out that only popular ppl gets the grand prize. Hey! its a popularity contest after all. Surprise surprise.

Aahaha guess what that has to do with little old me? I lost to someone by 1 vote. yes 1 vote . I repeat! 2 votes. erk. So god still has something against me ka?. Get over it will ya?! SHEEESHHHH!
hoho no surprises really. How could 'I' beat someone at a respectful election popularity contest? I'm not some famous son of a rockstar-hot guy from a magazine cover-blonde-foreign student from who knows where. I'm just me the retarded-foolish-sleepyfaced---me.
Cant really put the blame on those who voted my ass off the chart tough. Would you vote someone ugly and unpopular to be the next US president? would you want him to plague posters, the newspaper and the teevee with his fugly sad excuse for a face. A face only a mother could love la katekan hek hek.

Seterusnya. again i lost a contest. A photography contest this time. yay! I successfuly submitted my enrty oh-golly- gee-woah! after a month........oh-golly-gee-fuckyourmomagainandagain-shit-hoohaahDAMN! Kalah lagi. Dedoinkkkk! seseorang yg ku sayang campak kasut kat kepala ku, 'no cursing in the house la anak lori balak!!'

I lost the contest to an Indonesian guy. His entry was a close-up of an old guy's eye... woah.. amazing.. I lost the contest and my head hurts!

Again failure found his way into my life. I was bored. And I was asked by my dear sister to go against her in a 'yo mama joke showdown'. Yes I was the looser. The 'Looser' title seems perfect to me at the time. Apparently, I not good with insults. I failed, deja vu strikes, and I just realized we shared the same mother. boo hoo.

We now know why its sunny all the time nowadays. God is smiling. He's having fun.


Monday, January 19, 2009


I'm telling you that movie Moulin Rouge was er mcm mne eh.. BEST GILO. Ahem. Forget High School Musical ear pulling thingamatorture. Broadway music at its best nih wahaha best gile. Cinemax I syg you. You x syng I wahohekk. (insert mek-esque face here)

Huwwaa nothing like seeing Nicole Kidman in her young days with a top hat on, doing some smexy smoooovves. Har har har 'Bohemian Revolution'. Jom join. Haa best.

But a good movie for me is a movie with sad endings. Org x ingt bday u, sedih tapi ini movie lagi sad. This would probably be the only sad movie about prostitutes and crazy aristocrats.

Favorite character? Erk that man with the funny mustache? nah that flamboyant singing midget was the best. erh yela seks sales Nicole wins. gaah.

haaa.. yeah you probably figured out that I'm running out of great materials. congrats dudes. :B

god bless thee..


Monday, January 12, 2009

...Makes you Pay

muke wanita2 yg x mengaku aku adik hahaha.
Anak lori nippon dan anak lori jotun. me? lori balak ler.

Sister sister look what you have done to me. :)
hahahahagaaa they were right! first borns are perfect second borns are mistakes :( , third borns are golden. Ho'crap! now I think I know why I sleep in the closet! x) Social worker! Set me up for adoption!

...Gets You Dancing

hmm I update my blog once every year you say? welpp... ye kot. Oh yeah blame it on me. I'm way too busy and waaaay to 'selfish' to update my oh-so-very 'important' blog. The world needs no more shit from you man. Owhyeaah, my bad!! oww damn sorry dude! gua punya hidup sibuk sngt sampai x boleh update blog..huwwaaa gua berdosa. berdosa besar. hahaha erkkk. diam ah.

Lu x puas hati, I strongly suggest you contact god and ask him to bestow me powers to make my life easier..AND ask him to give me 5 ringgit. Gua mau top-up. hahaha erk. diam ah.

A friend of mine told me that I can always count on him. whenever.wherever. Oh yeah, slows the heart with warm sticky thing for about 5 mins then summon the ants for a 'famous ppl buffet' for the poor. Sweet sugar coated words are powerful indeed. God favors you more friend. hahahaha erk. diam ah. x)

One of my ex told me that I need to work out. I'm short and I'm not macho enough. I need to get my butt up to her standard. Coz I got 'potential' For reasons unknown, I told her that her daddy stoped paying me to be with her last month. SMACK!! ouch sakit hahaha x mau resit ke moy? erk. diam ah!

Something sad happened. Me and my friend saw our classmate busy indulging himself with endless rounds of other ppl's homework. He has no pencilcase. My friend said, 'kesian die, gune pen hotel je. miskin kot.' I said with my mate sepet, gigi besi x comel face, 'Miskin? itu pen Langham Hotel tuuuuu!,' and he said, 'hahaha erk. diam ah!'

My friend told me why my other friends are so damn boring. I told him, ' maybe their parents decided to read my blog during sex before they had them.' he said ' true true, that explains everything. How I pity them sooo...'.

engaging isn't it?
hahaha erk..diam ah!

Monday, January 5, 2009

...Tag Your Blippers Off

di tag oleh seseorang yg aku x ingt nama :D actually x tau nama pn hahaha


1. Do you think you’re hot?

I am kinda hot right now. somebody raped my ceiling fan again. shit happens? x)

2. Upload your favorite picture of you.

My Momma Says I'm Preetehh~! :B

3. Why do you like that picture?

Isn't it obvious? I'm pretty and you know it! I turn you on and you know it! My boobs are real and YOU know iiit ~ ;D

4. When was the last time you ate pizza?

the time of the year when I'm loaded. never.

5. The last song you listen to?

The Great Homophobes~ ;D

6. What are you doing right now besides this?

Busy Being HOT. :B

7. What name you would prefer besides yours?

hmm lemmesee.. Mr. Bananas was taken soo Imma gonna shhtickk vith Bobby Gaylord the Forth :).....Cikgu Tazri okeh gak..

8.People to tag.

5)Amir Faisal

9. Who is number one?

Frenemie. Bini Akon nih! jgn main2 x)

10. Number three is having a relationship with?

eheh eheh eheh

11. Say something about number five?

-. -.


12. How about number four?

She died 10 years ago.. *sigh*
(or did she..?)

13. Who is number two?

The Next Brazilian Auntie Soya

uhh tu je?


Saturday, January 3, 2009

...Takes Back Your Candy!

Woohoo! my third print! :) click for besarrr vi-ooh!

Model: Canon EOS 1000D
Shutter Speed: 1/83 second
F Number: F/5.6
Focal Length: x ingt la pulek :P
ISO Speed: 200
Filter: tarak guna! tarak duit! haha starving artist down the drain xD.
Location: Unknown beach in Australia (homahgod, I'm in 'Lost' now?)

Look! a Horse! a Bitch a beach! a horse on a beach! haha no real motive here dudes :)
printed on canvas (for the first time) glossy paper sudah tarak buat shiny airplane.