Sunday, November 30, 2008

...Makes Ice Cream Taste Better

woohooo the longest title so far. okay okay this one covers everything concerning my mental health and general well-being. hahaha if you've been busying yourselves reading my posts, you've probably notice me being a lil bit crazy. Bring in the spotlights! ready the drumrolls! Pasang the telingas! This announcement that I'm going to uhh announce (harhar) is a matter of the utmost importance! It could change the world! Jeopardize national security! Dun dun dun : I'm PERFECTLY SANE people!

whooo kecoh jap. Hahaha James Bond movie getting to me or coffee addiction damaged my brain....

Hey! See! I'm not so 'sane' after all!

You see, up in my large hairy nutshell there on my neck is nothing more than a simple love comedy playing episodes after episodes endlessly. A colorful mix of Friends, My wife and Kids, Seinfeld, Everybody loves Raymond and the Sesame street. So technically, I'm not sane. Cant think straight with all this mumbo kejambo wambo in my head ( no wonder I'm so grumpy). But really, what the hell is 'sane'? Is it being normal? nothing new, nothing extra ordinary? but as far as I know ( and i know a lot of things haha) no one's normal. BUT that would make everyone an 'insane' person (imagine a world of insane ppl---with guns! cool huh?). That cant be right can it?

All those time flipping a dictionary after dictionary searching for a definition -for an explanation: pointlessly wasted. None can really explain what being 'sane' is about in a language that's simple enough for me to understand. Frustrated as the comedy in my head concluded a sad ending for a character named Elmo who died of bird flu thanks to big bird.

Silly me. Of all the things I could care about I chose to care about something that cannot be truly explained. To me at least.

Wheeww I think this is a good time to reach for that ice cream i keep deep in the fridge. An episode ends, an ice cream for the fracking idiot.

Haziq's Fuck You Award goes to:
Sane People ( enjoy it while you still can hahaha)

...Makes you dumb

So far so good. So all this turned out right, allow me to be a tad bit narcissistic right now. Ehem, I think I did great for a new member two long post and more to go. With ideas growing and developing while interest spark awards given and goals achieved. Hahoha finally my worthless life is going somewhere after years and years lost in constant dilemmas. If you must know, Blogging isn't exactly new to me. I've own and updated a blog at my Myblogsite for almost 2 years. Well uhh, i din't frequently update stuff back then, due to my superb lazyness. I stoped using it when 2008 crashes in and for some fucked up reason, my sweet dear account was deleted. No biggie. Not interested anyway haha. Still, short blogs, blogs of spam, blogs of pure nonsense or even blogs consisting only one word. A BLOG IS A BLOG. Haha lookie here, someone's mad.

So anywayyh, if you read my previous post on how I came to create an account on blogger, stuff like that dont happen very often for me. I realized how blogging can fastfoward time. from the first few words at 8 am to end-of-post-award at 9 pm.

Yeah thats my shitty view on blogs and thats how I roll. Speaking of rolling, the word 'blog' doesn't roll of the toungue easily does it?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

... Makes Mek HOT

Today I would like to use this space and waste more of my time to tell you a little about a friend of mine. She was mentioned in my previous post (and given a stupid invisible award too!) and now prepare yourself for the rest of her. Wish me luck in this perilous attempt of describing her. haha here goes.

Mek. As strange and funny as it sounds, that is the the name (or rather nickname)we use to call a special friend of ours. Hiding behind that short, simple name is Nurul Amira who's charming personality never fails to make the whole gang laugh their asses off. I never knew she even existed until one day one of my closest friend, Syafiq (coming soon hahaha) asked me to use my superb-awesome-Wowwiee talent(narcissism never hurt anyone right? xD) to design their class t-shirt. I of course would do it for the proper price (money makes the world go 'wheee!'). After days and days and more days of arguing about the price he finally agreed and gave me a list of his classmates and their nicknames. A couple of unsightly doodles were also included. There right at that time my eyes drift near the bottom of the list and saw a peculiar nickname. Yep. It was 'Mek'. Right beside her messily written nickname (and an unfortunate looking 'smiley')WAS her real name: Nurul Amira. Trying as hard as I can not to laugh at her hilarious nickname I asked Syafiq who indahekk is she. I couldn't recall seeing her anywhere at school. And now I know: she was a fellow librarian who attends to her duties during fridays.

At first she seems quite and you could even say sombong. But dear god how SURPRISED (yela kot) I was when I saw her talking to her friends making weird faces every now and then and including her strange giggling at the end of every sentence she spoke. She was making a lot of noise in the library. I couldn't help myself looking at her as she does her weird poses and making faces while her friends giggle hysterically down to tears(no, really). A massive amount of 'gas' were also released during the whole process. Haha its amazing how someone can turn a quite library into a circus act from hell.

Yeah defining her can be hard. But that's Mek. But defining our relationship is even harder!

When not telling her to shut up ('diam ah') after hours (okela seconds) of weird noises she tends to do, we usually ignore her (tak layan) resulting either her famous sulking face or her unsuccessful attempt to get mad or simply more music to our damn ears with her not-so-normal way of screaming with wrathhhhh. Thus leaving all of us with only one way to express the ridiculousness of it all: Laugh,laugh,laugh,laugh,laughangelak. Some of us were even reduced to tears. while others simply golek2 kat lantai laughing (rofl). Nash (tomorrow kot) describe all this as 'HooH HaaH'ss'AND therefore adding one more word to our one paged dictionary.

soo whats up with me and her? you cant completely call us 'friends' and we're not exactly 'enemies' either. 'Frenemie' maybe? (haaa one more for the dictionary!)
above question, answered.

End of storynya, I'm grateful to have this minah as a friend even though I sometimes (yela2 all the time! sheeeeshhh!) treat her with unnecessary name-calling and ka-jillions of mean comments, Millions of 'diam ah's' annddd public humiliations. Mek is valued member of our little group adding fun and creating a difference. hahaha no outing would be complete without her.

So there you go, Mek The Unusual. wahaha mind you that this should be considered an incomplete description of Mek. The rest of her is still hidden to me until I know her more. So wait for posts about the rest of my friends--if Mek doesn't hunt me down for an African Royal Fiestings.

Haziq's Great Friend Award goes to:
Mek (sorry ye haha)

...Hurts my butt

whoaah a blog. A blog from someone like me? Great! more surprises to give grandma a kick at that beating thing inside her. Seriously, you wouldn't expect a guy like me to have a blogger account and actually write something for others to read. Useless in every thinkable way--don't expect me to update things frequently. Yeah that's how great I am. Hey hey who am I to tell you what to expect? am I god or something? the truth is, I'm way beyond being synonym to someone you would call 'god'. And therefore unworthy to be called 'god', and also unworthy to tell you what to do. Haa do what you want. Woohoo! buuuutt despite being clearly stupid, annoying, and random to most, I did find myself a few close friends to express daily social needs. Haha and telling all of you about them is something i would gladly do--in another blog, mind you. Silly me wanting a dozen of silly blog to waste my silly time in something useful--and silly. Back to the mysterious 'why' someone like me would even bother to write blogs? They call it 'Inspiration'. Haha when or more importantly why remains unknown, for me, being myself smart and incredibly clever tends to forget important details. YEAH. But I can tell you who. ( Hah take that machine of painful insults!). They call her Mek. More about her later in another blog (again for the same ol reason). Chatting with her on our rare YM meetings (harharhar), she asked me about making a link for her blog. Knowing her talents in writing bunch-o-nonsense (erh i mean blogs), I was curious to take a look. As expected. It was hilarious. Mek has a certain 'skill' in making the smallest, unnoticeable things in life sound funny andandand to put it simply: makes your brain implode with such incredible impact, it'll make you scream with laughter. (Note that all those stuff said are simply exaggerated comments to make this blog lil bit longer). It triggered something aaaaand suddenly I'm interested and all hyped up to create an account on blogger. And again a replay of the first three words (not exactly hah) of my first blog: 'a blog from someone like me?'. Haha there you go the truth and some jengjengjongss to along with it. But hey, who knows! maybe even someone like me could contribute something to the internet reading sources for online geeks. Maybe god (again with the god talks) wants something from me. To change my life? Woahh too optimistic eyh? nanananana observe my writings and laugh at my frequent unfortunate events in life and be content knowing there's someone out there who's much more useless than yourself. Knock yourselves out!
I aim to please.

Haziq's Appreciation Award goes to:
-Mek (Inspiration is rare for me xD) (Improve my writing whooo)