Sunday, December 20, 2009

...Reduces the Risk for the Ugly Duckling Syndrome.

Not true. :D


yes. this is how rnr looks these days.
no more uguks.

this used to be the holy shrine where the uguks would spend their day
having fun. enjoying each others company.

but those days are over.
this is how rnr looks these days.
quite and dead.
no more nasty teenagers to make it lively.

quite and dull.
its just there. waiting.
waiting to once again protect the uguks from the rain.

I will remember those torn books which I..
oh yea. now I remember. THATS WHY WE DONT GO THERE ANYMORE!

hahaha. jom gelak. haha. jom. haahh

I do not own read and relax.

...Wont Heal Damanged Relationship.

my dearest blog-thing. You are not abandoned. You are simply temporarily forgotten.
Brain-cramping life issues are preventing us from keeping in touch. I sincerely beg for your forgiveness. I now realize that you are the friend that's always been there. You are the symbol of myself.

And I love myself . HAA :D
pls accept this gift my dearest blog.

(bunyi loceng ice-cream bertukar ke siren ambulans) WU!

truth be told. I've not been true to my name lately. I no longer satisfy my need for coffee in the morning. Mama says its not good for me. yeke? It keeps me happy doesn't?

Why cant I be happy? The holidays are suppose to be that time in a year where I expose my metallic chompers to strangers. (siren ambulan makin kuat)

trusth is. I would label this year's endofyear holiday as: Suck as hell.

The reason?

I dont know. all of us have our own reasons. so hah.

kay bye ambulance dh datang. :D WU!