Monday, February 2, 2009

...Gives you Babies!

Woohaaa! That day.That special day. The day of fulfilling Hooh-Haahs. The day of never ending ecstasy. The day of great food and greedy eyes. The day when our brains are raped-off sanity-- if any to start with. Aaahhh that stupid stupid day.
Harharhar a little bit too early but yeah! Happy Birthday to all those fugly faces up there.

Happy annual celebration of your arrival from the womb dudetttes. errkk

miera - entah
haziq - 9/2/1993
kila - entah
nash - entah/entah/ 1970 :B

each of them got b'day gifts from me :'D. But I in return got nothing from them. x)
yeah I feel the love guys. hahahaha

pee/ass : chocolate banana cake is x sedaaap :P yuck



mek mok said...

tak sedap . fine ! hahah

DearCoffeeDude said...

FINE! hahaha xD

syaza oh said...

looks delicious.. rasa.. xtau

Men in Black said...

aku kasi hadiah paling mhal rite???

so, kalo hadiah bday aku cheap...
u wait n see!!

pasal kek tue aku sokong bro!