Sunday, January 25, 2009

...Keeps it UP

do you hate losing? I do. are you a sore looser? I am.
turns out that only popular ppl gets the grand prize. Hey! its a popularity contest after all. Surprise surprise.

Aahaha guess what that has to do with little old me? I lost to someone by 1 vote. yes 1 vote . I repeat! 2 votes. erk. So god still has something against me ka?. Get over it will ya?! SHEEESHHHH!
hoho no surprises really. How could 'I' beat someone at a respectful election popularity contest? I'm not some famous son of a rockstar-hot guy from a magazine cover-blonde-foreign student from who knows where. I'm just me the retarded-foolish-sleepyfaced---me.
Cant really put the blame on those who voted my ass off the chart tough. Would you vote someone ugly and unpopular to be the next US president? would you want him to plague posters, the newspaper and the teevee with his fugly sad excuse for a face. A face only a mother could love la katekan hek hek.

Seterusnya. again i lost a contest. A photography contest this time. yay! I successfuly submitted my enrty oh-golly- gee-woah! after a month........oh-golly-gee-fuckyourmomagainandagain-shit-hoohaahDAMN! Kalah lagi. Dedoinkkkk! seseorang yg ku sayang campak kasut kat kepala ku, 'no cursing in the house la anak lori balak!!'

I lost the contest to an Indonesian guy. His entry was a close-up of an old guy's eye... woah.. amazing.. I lost the contest and my head hurts!

Again failure found his way into my life. I was bored. And I was asked by my dear sister to go against her in a 'yo mama joke showdown'. Yes I was the looser. The 'Looser' title seems perfect to me at the time. Apparently, I not good with insults. I failed, deja vu strikes, and I just realized we shared the same mother. boo hoo.

We now know why its sunny all the time nowadays. God is smiling. He's having fun.



frHn_fiZz said...

become a losser is the 1st step to success..!!
never give up..

CHAchaCHA said...

photography contest ? relax bebeh . try hard next timeee . u boleee punyaaa . bagi kata2 semangat nehh ;DD

Dea said...

"A face only a mother could love la katekan hek hek."

the phantom kan, his mother turned away from him tauu. haha tiba2. but, anyway, just so you know, you take great pictures :)

mek mok said...

sedar2 aa diri tu. kalah buat cara kalah :DD

azh major life said...

haha.hey.keep it uplah.btw.tinggal mane ni?