Monday, January 19, 2009


I'm telling you that movie Moulin Rouge was er mcm mne eh.. BEST GILO. Ahem. Forget High School Musical ear pulling thingamatorture. Broadway music at its best nih wahaha best gile. Cinemax I syg you. You x syng I wahohekk. (insert mek-esque face here)

Huwwaa nothing like seeing Nicole Kidman in her young days with a top hat on, doing some smexy smoooovves. Har har har 'Bohemian Revolution'. Jom join. Haa best.

But a good movie for me is a movie with sad endings. Org x ingt bday u, sedih tapi ini movie lagi sad. This would probably be the only sad movie about prostitutes and crazy aristocrats.

Favorite character? Erk that man with the funny mustache? nah that flamboyant singing midget was the best. erh yela seks sales Nicole wins. gaah.

haaa.. yeah you probably figured out that I'm running out of great materials. congrats dudes. :B

god bless thee..


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