Wednesday, December 10, 2008

...Turns you Green.


I suck! :D

omg! my greatest post evarr! I rule! yes I do! I own the internet now! you ppl shall call me Britney from now on! It shows how great I am! Obey! remember, I OWN YOU ALL!
:'D mama's gonna be soo proud..

Haziq's Outstanding Achievement in Nonsense Award goes to:

ooh! yeah! woah! I'm touched! this means so much to me! I dunno what to say! I cant see it but I definitely appreciate it! Ehem I would like to thank myself for being so freakishly awesome! and would also like to thank myself for looking so freakishly awesome and uhh *tears* THANKS!....waitwait! I'm not finished! To all of my fans, I would like to tell you how much I dont give a damn about you guys! but keep supporting meh! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

Epic Blog Spam of Legendary Failness ends here.


Men in Black said...

helo britney, hahahahaa

mek mok said...

britney mane leh kwn ngn akon ! xD

Anonymous said...

tak layannnn. erk?
ha ha ha xP

Dea said...

haha you are number one ;P