Wednesday, December 10, 2008

...Makes you Clueless

Due to my previous post, the greatest post evarr. A lot of ppl are aware about my deadly mental illness. They say I need special medical attention. I say they're just jealous coz I can eat cheesecake with my own sexy way hahaha.

Ohho now that I've drag your minds into a swirl of delicious cheesecake fantasy, Cheesecake Crap is a blog I've recently followed. haha Its a nice pretty blog telling you the daily life and activities of Dea. Good things happen, Bad things happen. The blog itself is pretty simple and neat. No need to strain your old eyes reading small text and kaffillion of colored text. I take it Dea likes to keep it simple? :D And no, Its not your typical cheesy teenage dilemma novel (despite the name hahaha). Oh yea this one blogger updates her blog quick! Overall its a fun blog to read with a nifty title haha. ( Reading it while stuffing cheesecake in your mouth is recommended people!)

Next is the first blog I followed (in blogger la harhar) Blogger ; Mek boring name but dear lord the posts are insanely funny and is anything but boring. Need a laugh or just plain bored, Mek's blog is your starting point for a trip to a laughing ecstasy. It is a blog based on pure madness I think? haha Sometimes giving readers a peek of her life while still managing to squeeze out a giggle out of readers. Haha! with Mek's blog, who needs Teevee anymore? (hmmm ni ptt yg first, o well haha)

Shlampadinka is another blog I enjoy reading, a blog by Aqilah. Best best. I like to think of it as a mixture of Dea's blog and Mek's hahaha. A blog for ppl who enjoys decent reading and tak mau penat2 bace text panjang2 (mcm blog mamat sorang ni haa xP) . Simplified with funny dialogs so you really know whats going on. Hahaha its a lot like reading celebrity news! x) Oh yea! That Farting with the Stars video almost killed me. thanks a lot! hahahahaha (note: this blog could maybe be the only blog from a girl that doesn't include being crazy about 'twilight' xD)

Eh! lu sume mau alam klok for pagi2? Ring-A-Ding-Ding is the blog for you. Haha. Pagi2 dh update, newspaper x dtng lagi hahahaha (okay not really xD) Nice title kan? a blog full of posts. Like Dea, she's a constant updater. Preferring to write short post so readers wont end up getting a severe headache. Nice to see someone actually write things based on life, unlike someone I know who writes piles of crap! (youch perli diri sendiri xD)

yup those are the only blogs that I think worth reading hahaha (yng lain x best! ahhaha no la). Looking forward for new updates and more blogs from others so I dont use my eyes staring a the ceiling all the time.

(I still own the internet right? :D)

Haziq's Best Blog Evarr Award nominees:
-'Cheesecake Crap'
-'Blogger ; Mek'

--and the winner is:
- 'A coffee a day...' (I still rule the world! bwahaha suckers! xD)


Aqilah said...

whoaa! ade dlam list ah! haahah. tenkiu,tenkiu (kembang sudahhh). ahhaah.

haha vid tu mmg bodoh gila :DD

Dea said...

haziq :) thnks a lot lah, aha. i think i just found a great entry to post, now that you mentioned this haha yrs is way better do! *laughs

Houdae said...

haha thank you thank you
early post huh ? haha maybe, tak prsn pun ;D

i rule the world first, haziq ! haha

mek mok said...

ish, tktau ah nk ckp ape. bkn ko kate blog aku tkde org paham ke ??
he he

mek mok said...

azhar punya mana ?? :P