Tuesday, December 9, 2008

...Makes Syafiq Fly

ernnghh Now is the perfect time for me, your friendly neighborhood car washer all the way from Australia hahaha (an inside joke between me and Azhar). Ehem, let me start again.

ernnghh Now is the perfect time for me to write a lil something for our dear Syafiq. I woke up late, I haven't ate breakfast yet, I haven't bathe yet and I haven't even brushed my chompers yet! ahhaa so clearly this is the perfect time to bring you further into my small smelly world (seriously, I need a shower NOW) and write the long-awaited post about the 'famous' Syafiq! Aaah I can hear those syafiqfangirls screaming! (or is that the sreams of ppl who smelled the air? sorry my fault hoh hoh).

Different from the rest of the gang ( more like, different from the rest of the world) I met him a few years back in the young days where the world looked soooo big, and cartoons were like political debates on teevee. Me and Syafiq share a few secrets from the past that we would prefer not telling anyone hahaha.

Moving on. compared to the younger days where sex and girls had no place in our little heads, the 'now-syafiq' is waaaayy too different. In a good way (yeke? haha). He used to say to me 'I'm a new man.' with his own flare and zest-- AAAND his own hands-on-hip-pose thingie (syafiq pose number one he calls it). He is now more reliable (erh maybe not) Smarter (um nope) braver (no) stronger ( hmm NO) and more handsome (If yes,The world ends too soon). Kesimpulannya, He's a 'GREAT' dude :D.

Does puberty has anything to do with it? well yeah! according to syafiq that is. he said ' Puberty, my friends, is a brainwashing process where they insert magical things in your mind giving you a whole new feeling and a whole new NEED ( a strong emphasis there xD) and a whole new view of the world around us. Erotic images where also formed during our dreams. As for our physical...blah blah snore' he adds ' Therefore we are now hairy monsters who likes girls wearing their least, thanks to PUBERTY. yes friends, puberty puberty puberty' (syafiq's 'echo effect', failed) . what? first you're Kapten Boleh now you're a philosopher? great!

As hard as I try to make him sound like a sicky ol perv, I really cant haha. Syafiq likes to spend his day hanging out with us, giving us rounds of jokes that only sounds funny to him. Sometimes when we're feeling nice, we all do our own unique 'fake laughs' ('fake giggle' for Kila) to keep him from being embarrassed. Doing the 'tak layan' move was reserved specially for Mek. lucky guy.

Throughout the years this one guy survived life's horrible habit to be mean to him. He can now call himself a 'Survivor' (haha more like 'procrastinator') enduring tough times and rewarded greatly every now and then. Rather than fitting in like everyone else, Syafiq prefers to fit in his own way.

Syafiqfangirls! I give you, the one and only, SYAFIQ! syafiq syafiq syafiq (ow damn he got me doing it now!)

Haziq's Great Friend Awards goes to:
- Syafiq ( Keep doing what you do bub)

Haziq's Outstanding Weirdness Award goes to:
-Syafiqfangirls (U gals keep doing what you all do too! scream)


Dea said...

hahaha, puberty :D voice deepends bla bla. syafiq is way diff now, true true lol

Men in Black said...

hahahahaah, nice 1 haziq,
kalo syafiq bce gerenti best 'reaction die. hahahaaha

Aqilah said...

*speechless*. hahaha

mek mok said...
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mek mok said...

kapten boleh best gilaa hahahaa