Saturday, November 29, 2008

...Hurts my butt

whoaah a blog. A blog from someone like me? Great! more surprises to give grandma a kick at that beating thing inside her. Seriously, you wouldn't expect a guy like me to have a blogger account and actually write something for others to read. Useless in every thinkable way--don't expect me to update things frequently. Yeah that's how great I am. Hey hey who am I to tell you what to expect? am I god or something? the truth is, I'm way beyond being synonym to someone you would call 'god'. And therefore unworthy to be called 'god', and also unworthy to tell you what to do. Haa do what you want. Woohoo! buuuutt despite being clearly stupid, annoying, and random to most, I did find myself a few close friends to express daily social needs. Haha and telling all of you about them is something i would gladly do--in another blog, mind you. Silly me wanting a dozen of silly blog to waste my silly time in something useful--and silly. Back to the mysterious 'why' someone like me would even bother to write blogs? They call it 'Inspiration'. Haha when or more importantly why remains unknown, for me, being myself smart and incredibly clever tends to forget important details. YEAH. But I can tell you who. ( Hah take that machine of painful insults!). They call her Mek. More about her later in another blog (again for the same ol reason). Chatting with her on our rare YM meetings (harharhar), she asked me about making a link for her blog. Knowing her talents in writing bunch-o-nonsense (erh i mean blogs), I was curious to take a look. As expected. It was hilarious. Mek has a certain 'skill' in making the smallest, unnoticeable things in life sound funny andandand to put it simply: makes your brain implode with such incredible impact, it'll make you scream with laughter. (Note that all those stuff said are simply exaggerated comments to make this blog lil bit longer). It triggered something aaaaand suddenly I'm interested and all hyped up to create an account on blogger. And again a replay of the first three words (not exactly hah) of my first blog: 'a blog from someone like me?'. Haha there you go the truth and some jengjengjongss to along with it. But hey, who knows! maybe even someone like me could contribute something to the internet reading sources for online geeks. Maybe god (again with the god talks) wants something from me. To change my life? Woahh too optimistic eyh? nanananana observe my writings and laugh at my frequent unfortunate events in life and be content knowing there's someone out there who's much more useless than yourself. Knock yourselves out!
I aim to please.

Haziq's Appreciation Award goes to:
-Mek (Inspiration is rare for me xD) (Improve my writing whooo)

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