Sunday, November 30, 2008

...Makes you dumb

So far so good. So all this turned out right, allow me to be a tad bit narcissistic right now. Ehem, I think I did great for a new member two long post and more to go. With ideas growing and developing while interest spark awards given and goals achieved. Hahoha finally my worthless life is going somewhere after years and years lost in constant dilemmas. If you must know, Blogging isn't exactly new to me. I've own and updated a blog at my Myblogsite for almost 2 years. Well uhh, i din't frequently update stuff back then, due to my superb lazyness. I stoped using it when 2008 crashes in and for some fucked up reason, my sweet dear account was deleted. No biggie. Not interested anyway haha. Still, short blogs, blogs of spam, blogs of pure nonsense or even blogs consisting only one word. A BLOG IS A BLOG. Haha lookie here, someone's mad.

So anywayyh, if you read my previous post on how I came to create an account on blogger, stuff like that dont happen very often for me. I realized how blogging can fastfoward time. from the first few words at 8 am to end-of-post-award at 9 pm.

Yeah thats my shitty view on blogs and thats how I roll. Speaking of rolling, the word 'blog' doesn't roll of the toungue easily does it?

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