Sunday, December 20, 2009

...Reduces the Risk for the Ugly Duckling Syndrome.

Not true. :D


yes. this is how rnr looks these days.
no more uguks.

this used to be the holy shrine where the uguks would spend their day
having fun. enjoying each others company.

but those days are over.
this is how rnr looks these days.
quite and dead.
no more nasty teenagers to make it lively.

quite and dull.
its just there. waiting.
waiting to once again protect the uguks from the rain.

I will remember those torn books which I..
oh yea. now I remember. THATS WHY WE DONT GO THERE ANYMORE!

hahaha. jom gelak. haha. jom. haahh

I do not own read and relax.


mek mok said...

cuaca berubah, nk buat cmne : ')

DearCoffeeDude said...

haha yekot

Diaries said...

What the heck r uguks? You're english are pretty good.


P.s: kne tlis nme cuz ade 3 org share blog yg sme. Hehe.. Dh biase tlis nme stiap kli bri komen.

nadiah ibrahim said...

ahahahahh :P

Sally.Lacroixx™ said...

heyy, no more new posts ke ? :D