Saturday, February 27, 2010

...Another Apology Goes to Waste

how can a guy commit soooo many mistakes and apologize only once?
how can he pull it off?

I dont know. so umm. blehh.


forgive me dear blog. I have ignored you. though you are not forgotten. I still ignore the fact that you need constant attention. I have failed you. here, chocolates. just for you dear blog. TAKE IT!!

ma blog: Apology attempt rejected freak.

: o

life is too fast for someone slow like me. Important things keeps poking me in the ass. And when someone or something is poking you in the ass, you just cant ignore it. Priorities shifting. I'm loosing interest. I've theorized myself out of everything.

long story short: i'm getting old.

its no fun getting old. seriously.

9/2/2010--- I'm 17

5/6/2010--- I'm dead.

Its not fun posting new posts anymore. There's no point. Nothing is happening in life.
yes people. I'm finally growing up. I'm old. olddd. oldd.

old bread with old butter and old expired strawberry jam. and *dramatic music* old coffeeeee


You know how old people always give advices to youngsters? Well here's my advice as and old guy except its kinda useless.

number one.
enjoy being young. forget all those crappy things (e.g homework, school, urr PMS?). Who cares!?
your parents does but. WHO CARES!? pretty soon those gorgeous faces will undergo groovy mutations (e.g wrinkles, age spot, urr unicorn horns?). I repeat. Getting old is not fun. 16 15 is young. 17 is OLD. Old is no fun. No fun is suicide. suicide is death. DEATH is... deathhhhss! *dramatic music, sembur sembur*


second advice.
I forgot.

that just proofs that being old sucks! you forget things! so there!
*phew* > :D

okay um. this is getting boring. I'm gonna go to the playground and eat some ice-cream now. see yaaa.



mekeynah said...

umor aku 16 pown dah rasa tua neih. =_=" 17 lagi tua..

uarggghhhh. going old

Zafirah Z said...

at least people give you moneyyy :D well, that's what they told me. idk who 'they' are exactly...

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mekdonel said...

Nice Post!!
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Just bace 4-5 entry, sure jadi ketagih!!
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bloggerGirlz said...

what a sad story..huhu

Miss Dolce and Gabbana said...

let me know how will you be when turning to 20 though.haha.Sound scary right? =)

Harry said...

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