Wednesday, February 18, 2009

...Makes Confusing Statements

one day kan. at school kan. xde cikgu kan . erh erh hahahah IKAN. erk

one boring day, at my boring school for fracking idiots and mrsm rejects, cikgu x dtng. So everyone celebrates ; themmm girls talks about who they've slept with and the guys talks about who they wanna sleep with. Not really feeling pervvie for some reason, I turned to another group of friends. We end up talking about transsexuals. Not pervvie huh? :P

one of em ask, what do you call someone who is both a guy and a girl?

bdk 1: transsexuals duuhhhh :B

bdk 2: hermaphrodites?? :B erhh

bdk 3: uhhh ummmm fe-male?

sume: female?? oi bdk 3, ko mmng bangang.

argh aku la bdk 3 tuh.



Aliph said...

suppose to be she-male la =]
btw u are form 4 rite
im a ex-mrsm
how many a's u earn in pmr before

Cai Hong said...

woah girls share share stories bout who dey sleep wif?
den guys talk boutwho dey wanna sleep wif
funny :)

Men in Black said...

haha, LAWAKNYEEE....


Aqilah said...
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syaza oh said...

interesting topic xD
patut discuss pasal pelajaran la >_<

Dea said...

haha, you crack me up. i like the part mrsm rejects :D

DearCoffeeDude said...

pmr result? ehehh my result sngt 'lawa' hahahahaha x)