Saturday, February 21, 2009

...Gives You Mind-Reading Powers.

YouHateIrrelevantTitlesHuh? :D.

I woke up, The sun shines dimly, my frayed nerves soothed from all the rest i got last night. It would have been another beautiful Saturday morning---- if not for a sudden 'realization' I got. I realized how my room looked like a cult temple for people who worships garbage (for fun?). A total mess! A pain in the eye! *woman screaming sound usually heard in horror movies in the 70's*

oh puck! gotta run before 'she who shouldn't be named' shows up. I put on decent clothes. dressed-down like a trip to the pasar. Emptied my sekolah bag of unimaginable number of unfinished homework and stuffed it with things I wish I could never part with. Camera, sketchbook/file hybrid thing (all hail Tesco), pencilcase, wallet, and uhh a 'look and act like an idiot temporary medication pills?

dashed out of the room. *Curi my sister's laptop WAHAHAHA. **Curi my other sister's toast WAHAHAHA. And ***BANG I escaped! WAHAHAHA with my fast skinny legs I can do ANYTHING! yeah!

* actually I borrowed it... Damn! I wanna be a bad guy!
** ni x blh pinjam hahaha
*** actually I ran into a wall. weehoo..
**** kalo laju sngt why x lari roadrun hari tuh!? hahahaha.


I went to 'kedai-kedai' and picked up a taxi YEAH. A taxi with cockroaches everywhere YEARRRGH. And went to BTS and took a train and and and ***BANG I arrived at mid valley.

*** this time saje je mau BANG! :B

then brunch kejap. Munch munch. then that lady yg ddk sebelah pandang semcam sbb mane ade org makan 'munch munch' gituuu! haiyaa. Then before I make another silly, tiring move, I decided to call my very special 'client'. Oi jng slh paham! Its not 'that' kind of client xD. I dont do those icky stuff! hahaha. Its about him hiring me to design a website for him :P. He's an old friend.

so then we meet in Borders,The Gardens kat starbuck. He's looking great as ever with expensive clothes on. Me? well haha not exactly brad pitt lar. Muke pon x pass. Hahaha its a good thing he's such a nice guy coz my wallet isn't magic anymore (aaargh) and a glimpse to those prices can cause instant blindness I tell ya! Mahal wooahhh.(ptt la x prnh pegi haha). Then die belanje. Haakk tuih boleh la :B eerrrk.

disscuss discuss then its finally time to go home weehoo! jalan jalan. golek jap. Happy happy dpt 20 ringgit (client plng expoansive so far mah!!) but something deep inside tells me something bad is going to happen...

balik balik je.. MAK x bg msk rumah..



Aqilah said...
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ainfarhani said...

haha so tules blog ni dari luar rumah yek?wire-internet-less?HAHA XP

DearCoffeeDude said...

harharhar lupe nk bgtau
peristiwa ini berlaku sabtu lepas deng

syaza oh said...

i had a boring Saturday last week.

err so that night tido kat ne?? >_<

DearCoffeeDude said...

tiido kat carpet dpan rumah .
hahaha best gile weii x)

Anonymous said...

hahaha padan muke kau ank lori balak xP

suci said...

yeaho0o0...ciannye dia..
x pe..lain kali ambil pengajaran..bawak kunci umah spare..letak celah pasu keeee...hehehe