Wednesday, December 3, 2008

...Makes You Complain

Woahh what a boring day. It's so boring, someone could eventually die from it. Seriously, boredom can kill people. The sad truth. But fear not! You can now protect yourself from being a victim of boredom's clutches. Scientist of highest qualifications finally confirmed a way to prevent oneself from dying of boredom! This great achievement, capable of saving millions of innocent lives is called, HOBBIES. Wooohh Yeah! Go dickheaded scientists! You make us proud to call ourselves foolish underlings by attacking us with mean sarcasm--of unimaginable doom!

But thats not what I'm really here for. WTF should I write about being bored? (its what everyone else seems to do) who in the great great world cares? Dont write about being bored, its boring to read about your boring life.

So back to before I start lecturing imaginary boring people. I'm actually here to write about criticisms received at the most untimely of times. Criticism there, Criticism here, Criticize over there, Criticism back here, Criticism on my left, Criticism on my right, up down and so on (typing criticism is really hard!). I wont say who committed this terrible act of 'compassion' (yeah and Jessica Simpson is my grandma) but it broke the limit of my 'Irritation Meter'.

So to express how angry I am, I will now scream my lungs out ( don't worry, you cant hear a thing! its the internet magic!)

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *will be continued later*

Argh who cares if I enjoy doing nothing!
who cares if I sat on the couch for 3 hours!(its fun)
Who cares if my hair looks funny!
Who cares if I look sleepy all the time!
Who cares if I 'socialize' with my camera more than I socialize with people!
Who cares if I don't like those curly gay wigs ( Jonas Barbers) or that untalented plastic hospital gloves (Hannah Fake-Tan-Aaa or Miley Virus)!
Who gives a damn about my unhealthy tendency to merepek?
Who DIES if I like coffee more than my friends?




Okay seriously, what's your frickin problem? Leave me be hahaha
I'm happy with the way I am (bukan 'asalkan bahagia' ka?) No need to fill me up with crap!
I'm a big big girl! EH! big boy!! (intentional)

Soo there, another pointless post, FULL of unnecessary exaggerations from your 'favorite' blogger! I better go and hide somewhere before people complain about me complaining or or or before people criticize me for criticizing people who criticize me. xD (seiwatt?)

oh ye! sambungan:





Haziq's Fuck You Award Goes to:
Mrs Creep-e-cizer (stop pls haahaa)

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