Sunday, December 7, 2008

...Makes Aqilah go WHEEE

miss me? no? sure you do! because I said so! okay? still no? then let me do my famous clown dance.
now do you miss me? no? why not? FINE! I dint miss all of you either! you know who I miss/rindu? Dem loco pip kall er Keela

Oh yea posts about Nash and Syafiq, no matter how painful this is going to sound, needs to wait until I sort out interesting stuff, funny-to-me insults and lots and lots of naked pic of them first. But Kila being herself (despite attending khusus agama hahaha) sweet-talked me to write a post about her on my blog, for added publicity on her way to the sparkling road towards fame and fortune.

A hem. Kila kila kila where to start.. oh yes! I should probably tell you how much I hate her hahaha. Yes I do hate her for the fact that she caused the tsunami tragedy that killed many innocent and not so innocent lives. Ohho yes she did it! blame it on her! God I swear I hate her!
Gifted with the supernatural power to produce acidic and corrosive saliva from her genetically advanced salivary glands, Kila has the power of a rejected comic villain at her disposal. She's capable of causing serious itching, major injuries, excessive bleeding, and make you grow large boobs in an instant with the help of her green colored fluid of enzymes. Kila enjoys doing evil and thus people around her suffer her constant talkslashsalivasprayattack. Girls who cares deeply for their skin fear her and boys grow boobs for her amusement. Once a victim, you are damaged beyond repair friends. I should know.

As scary and non-realistic as she sounds, she still shares some of our humanly traits. Namely, she the oh-damn-awesome Kila could not deny how much I RULE like the rest of the world. She also, proving herself to be quite normal, INSTANTLY DIE at a mere reminder that i'm a tad bit taller than her. ha ha ha ha

as for the non dramatic (and made up) side of her, I found her to be the most 'gigglish' girl I've ever met. Giggle there giggle here. A simple yo mama joke could trigger her annoying sequence of horse-like giggles. And thus, down came the rain of corrosive saliva torturing us while she simply giggles her troubles away.

Watch out, she's back..

Haziq's Great Friend Award goes to:
Aqilah(take it and pls dont hurt me)

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Men in Black said...

haziq, asal aqilah je aku mane??
smart dow blog nih
xkering gusi aku gelak