Sunday, December 20, 2009

...Wont Heal Damanged Relationship.

my dearest blog-thing. You are not abandoned. You are simply temporarily forgotten.
Brain-cramping life issues are preventing us from keeping in touch. I sincerely beg for your forgiveness. I now realize that you are the friend that's always been there. You are the symbol of myself.

And I love myself . HAA :D
pls accept this gift my dearest blog.

(bunyi loceng ice-cream bertukar ke siren ambulans) WU!

truth be told. I've not been true to my name lately. I no longer satisfy my need for coffee in the morning. Mama says its not good for me. yeke? It keeps me happy doesn't?

Why cant I be happy? The holidays are suppose to be that time in a year where I expose my metallic chompers to strangers. (siren ambulan makin kuat)

trusth is. I would label this year's endofyear holiday as: Suck as hell.

The reason?

I dont know. all of us have our own reasons. so hah.

kay bye ambulance dh datang. :D WU!


Miss B said...

i love to have a coffee in the morning. fresh! :)

bloggerGirlz said...

don't drink to much coffee,ok....not good,not good...hahaha