Saturday, October 24, 2009

... Makes you GOLEK.

DU.. du.. DU.. du.. DU..

friends. Buddies.

hate to say it but this topic is WAaaaAY overrated. And I don't usually go for those.
However, it is always a question that intrigues my dim mind to write something on this seriously neglected blog of mine. Forgive me, the kepoyoan starts here:

the question. A very close friend of mine asked me this. Why are you always happy? Dun dun dun. Happy? HAPPY? have you not been paying attention?

but thats the reality of life--er my life. I keep for myself a group of friends I consider dearest to me. How is it not apparent to them how my life is? am I not considered dear to them? Maybe I never told them. Maybe its them who never paid any attention.

let see. I'm the noisy one. sometimes. does that mean I don't enjoy quit light conversations? I'm the one with the ideas. does that mean I'm happy all the time? what happened to those times where I needed support? my 'fragile' mode?

'fragile mode'?? bile pulak? ko asik happy je.

prihatin seseorang kawan.


I define thos dearest to me as not only the ones who i can be myself and sakai my way to hell..but also the ones I seek when I needed help or even attention. Oh how it hurts. Kawan utk berseronok je rupanyaa.

maybe I cant blame them. Living in a half-daydreaming life- maybe I never showed them whats underneath those colorful cloud.The reality?


kepoyoan bermula kembali.

well uh. I am happy. despite my lack of many things, I still have the bestest friends the world could ever hope for. and now its proven that maybe they're not the 'bestest' anymore. hmm still happy ka?

my dear friends. I know its awkward to see me like this. yeah i know hilang cool. but happy is not all i am. yelah tk selalu. but still-- dont you think that I too feel these things? aku pon boleh?

hmm. I faced lots of problem with my height. (people thinking i'm young/girls are unattracted to me/ I'm gonna die alone/etc). thats one. My family thinks I'm a failure. Abah panngil aku 'bengap'. kegedikan aku yg tk dpt nk control. wanita muntah tngok perangai aku. two, three, and four. thats a lot! knp happy? because of you guys. But then, timbul itu soalan. hilang happy?


p/s: I f i dont own my dear camera, would we still be friends?

kepoyoan ends here ladie and gentlemen. feel free to ignore. :)


Syafiq R said...

dude. its this about that girl that u told miera n nash? that youdidnt tell me? (hu-hu)
nway. dont be sad la wei..

Men in Black said...

if ther was a 1000 camera,
and just ONE u!!
i always pick u!

its nt about the thing u have,
its about wat u are..

im here as a friend forever..
aku xsuke ambk gmbr!