Thursday, September 10, 2009

...Gives you SEXINESSS

Phew.. been a while.. worry not! these fingers are not strangers to the keyboard !
ehem. whats up with the controversial title? No, this time its actually relevant.
A lot of people keep asking me. How did you come up with that name? (dearcoffeedude)
well, here's my excuse..

It happened in a dream..

'What makes a man or women sexy? to you that is?'

'huh? who me?'

'yes you! the short guy with a funny smell!'

'(funny smell?)'

'yes! funny smell! '

'umm you're not suppose to respond to that! (its in brackets see?) '

'whatever shortie! so what gives a man or a women the sexynesssssshhhh.'

'(is it raining?) Do you really HAVE to include the man? '

'yes! Nowadays you can never be too sure! '

'well I'm only interested in women okayhh? '


'Hey! i don't like that tone!'

'(closet fag) teehee.'


'don't respond to the brackets kid.'

'$%^&*... well uh. women with long hair are kinda sexy?'

'a guy with a long WHATTT?? '

'Whaa?! I dint say THAT! '

'keep it clean kid.'


'sooo is that all? you can do better than that! come on! fire up those hormones!! '

'what do you want from me!? '


'okay! chill man! '

'WHAT? you admit it now? you like men?? '

'NO! i didn't say thaaat! '

'what the hell do you like then!!?? '


'I asked what you like buddy, not what you hate. '


'did I just turn you on? '

'Are you IN-- '

'--telligent? why yes! But my question first! Answer it!! '

'FINE! Coffee is smexyy as hell!'

'seriously? eww.'

'you asked! '

'I'm outta here you creep. '


'no i'm not. I'm stuck here you see? '

'(Shi*!) I have a freaky guy stuck in my head. I need proper medication. '

'Hey! you're the freaky one 'coffee dude' ! '


'yeah. freak. so thats why you always walk around with that camera! been taking dirty pictures of coffee cups eh? I should report you! '

'you're stuck. '

'yeah thanks to you! I have a wife you know! '

'now its my fault!? you have a wife? '

'yeah! I like women. Unlike someone I happen to know.. '

'you're an idiot! '

this is what too much caffeine does to you kid. do your homework. I have a PH.d in makingupfactsforentertaiment-ology you know. '

'DIE!! '

'If I die, YOU DIE!! bring it babehh! '


I wake up strangling myself and with an Idea in mind.
the end?


mademoiselle tq said...

lol.. that's hilarious dude..
i've been following ur blog 4 months n enjoyed all ur posts..
well, keep up the good job, man..

p/s: i think there's nothing wrong being short.. peace! XD

ilinadiah said...


DearCoffeeDude said...

good lord whats up with all the positive-thinking dudettes out there!? being short is not o-kay xD

anyway thankss a daisy bunch maa!

mademoiselle tq said...

well, it's up to you if you want to see it that way..
anyway, you're welcome..:P

mek mok said...


phyto hystrix said...


Haha! This is really funny! Enjoyed reading it.. Well do keep it up!