Friday, August 14, 2009

...Gives You The DATE OF DEATH.

Today. I went to school. My Dreadful Dreadful school. Feeling Depressed. Feeling Down.
the bell rings. Diiiinggg. I know i was doomed.

My English teacher comes in. She told us that she was too lazy to teach. What a relief. But she insisted that we play a game. A game she invented. To help us in our vocabulary. 'The old fashioned way' she calls it.

3 students were picked. one by one. Each representing the alphabet. A, B and C. Each of them need to come up with a word beginning with the letter they're representing. She will then ask the student other words associated with the word they've come up with.

Clearly we were uninterested. It was boring. It was hell. I suffered the most.
She perhaps, noticed this. And decided to further my suffering. I was next.

"Haziq! give me one word beginning with the letter D"

I was thinking:
Oh no! I need to think fast. ah fuck she's looking at me! god help me I'm desperate!
maybe her face can help me. Umh let see.
Her face reminds me of ....Devil? Diva? Dirty? Dim Sum!? De---bab??


Umm.. DEATH??"

"Good one! now, what word is commonly associated with 'death'?"

I was thinking:
GREAT! more questions! how I despise youuuu.. HmmMMM.... HEY!
Nadia looks pretty today! hmm I wonder what makes her soo happy...?

"Haziq! berangan ye? tu la! Tau tak? Drugs itu bahayaaa??"

I was thinking:
die ni BM ke BI? ke B I S I N G??


" YE!! YE!! uhh the word commonly asccociated with 'death' is.. iss...... uhh.... Date!!?"

" 'Date' ??? "

then the whole class gelak cam sawan bahbie.

I was thinking:



emo_frog said... had crush on nadia???haha..

syazaza ;] said...

funny XD

Aqilah said...
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Miss B said...

seryes-ly funny! haha