Friday, December 26, 2008

...Make You Forget

Ello tharr mate! bless ye little hearts for readin' aand followin'. Listen to this old dude, hear what he has to say and snooze off in seconds. DearCoffeeDude is updating again :D. (ohom. I'm in no mood to write in a proper manner so haha bear with me. Pretend that others are reading it too.) Giving my fingers exercise since I finally got access to the internet thank dear god. hahaha here I am sitting at my new home on the coffee table since there's no other place or 'flat surface with sturdy legs' are around(-yet. kot) to place the computer. Haha Its not easy when you have cheap plastic ropes for hands and legs that always seems to be experiencing orgasm--whoohoops .yela yela I'm too hebat-ly poor to afford a nice, portable, colourful, SHINY laptop . That would certainly be useful but money 's pretty tight right now. (hmm doesn't it always?) gaha but peeps if you're waiting for me to complain about my life here, sorry to say you're out of luck haha. I dont want to complain about everything pointlessly (like everyone else here xD)

HAAAhhh Australia! (hahaha tukar topic senang gitu je) :0) best best. and x best. tapi best best. Its not really that different from our 'tanah melayu' if you pay attention to the little things going on. Australia gives you the same feeling you get when you're enjoying life in malaysia. You'd feel laid back, not really caring what happens. You'll gladly sit back and see life continue on like a movie. Cant really tell you wrether the ppl here are friendly or not since I dont walk up to each 'mat-salleh' and ask them : 'oi, you friendly ke taaak?'. The area I reside in , like you may have imagined, isn't just full of 'mat-salleh'. haha there's also a considerable amount of malays here and there and other kinds of foreing races originating from alien countries.

But what's different? hmm uhhh let see.. the lifestyle?? around here, moms are a lot younger xD. Oh and kids here makes a daily routine 'checking' their shoes for poisonous spiders in case they decide to make a home in your expensive footwear and be neighbours to your toes xP. ( hah leceh, aku pkai slipe toilet je ) oh oh and theres a lot of 'dongak-ing' for me around here. (yeayea I'm short! even for an asian!) :)

now onto the sad part.

okay since everyone I know from Malaysia are too lazy and dont give a cockroach's crap about contacting me, I figured that they'll eventually forget and completely erase my existent from their fugly heads. (hahaha kecoh mau touching pulek mamat ni :D. hahaha such is the life of mine.)So I practiced my social skills and charms, build up my self esteem and wished myself good luck , for I am about to face society itself. My attempt in communicating with other kids at the beach failed miserably. Few days after the tragedy, I finally managed to find myself a new friend. She lives down below on the second floor. Awfully shy, Kaelyn is the only australian who I managed to get a decent conversation from and without it ending with intentional vomiting (kidding la! jng bom malaysia!). Okay sure, she doesn't get almost all of my jokes and sure she's still a little shy but I couldn't help but sense that this relationship could actually last for a long

oh yeah! She's an ultra-vegan! xD (she only consume plants that died a natural death!

hahaha) hmm what's fun around here? entah! hoho all I can say is, we got a lot of sun, sand and surf! GREAT!


Amir Faisal said...

Kaelyn? waaa... nama dah cute
but shy person to be talked to? haha...
you know, the way you communicate and always spread out your jokes to us here really kicking
do the same towards her la
if she feels comfy with you, baru la dia sng nak interact

S|R said...

haziq where have u been? and where are you now?

Aqilah said...

aiyoh 'dongak-ing' eh? haha.

mek mok said...

hehe tnjk r kat aq si kaelyn tu. kat sni ktrg tk igt lgsg kat ko. dok pike azhar je. ahaha eh kene mntk maap lagi nih ;P

Dea said...

haha Haziq, Kaelyn sounds nice ;] and, yeah, good luck!