Wednesday, December 17, 2008

...Hits you HARD!

woahh time is a busy man isn't he? he's damn quick I tell you .haaaaaa. So it seems that 'THE DAY' is nearer than we think. Wtheck is 'THE DAY' !? if you're under fifteen, you'll know. But if you're fifteen, and still don't know what the itik 'THE DAY' is... I cant explain how extraordinarily dumb you are. Been living in a cave have you? hahaha

'THE DAY' isn't the only day I'm out-of-my-pervvie-eyeball concerned about. 'THE OTHER DAY' (which is tomorrow) is the day, the dreaded days of days, --I'll be leaving that craphole I've created on the lands of Malaysia and embrace my futures on the lands of Australia pulek.

Sad isn't? hmmm not really haha! sure I'll be losing some close friends, sure I'll be leaving dear btho, and sure Malaysia will not survive in the fast developing world without me (wahaha). But really, how can all that be sad?. If you see things in orange and green its a different case. But seriously, new things cant really hurt anybody right? haha I could sure use some changes in my life. Maybe changing it from nothing to errhh... nothingnothing? :o

As for the word 'rindu' used by you earthlings, commonly used in situations associated with moving away and such, it doesn't really apply itself in my case. haha Why would I miss anything? Nothing here is noteworthy enough for me to 'rindu' hahaha sad country ain't it? hahaha okay that was just me trying my new ego-move. Truth is, I'll miss everything from the tiny bacterias of the streets, to my foolish minions erh great friends haha, my former main source of education (which lacks proper facilities xD), to the most meaningful things in my life such as my beautiful imaginary girlfriend Flembaghh, and my essential 'Malaysian Coffee'. Woahh bile pikir balik.. Ho'shit! I dont wanna move!! aaaaaarrgh!


Men in Black said...

never huts 4 new things,
but never forget the old ones

kjap, foolish minions!!!!

Dea said...

hee, yr moving to Aussie? whoaa :O

Aqilah said...

mau pindah kaa?? :O

DearCoffeeDude said...

yes hahaha jeng3 xD

mek mok said...

haziq pegi tgkp bini akon, nk kasi akon balik sini balik. hahaha erk tklayan .